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News | May 12, 2024

G-1 Sends (INFORM): IPPS-A Update and STEP

Ladies and Gentlemen,
         Good morning. Continued progress and want to highlight the work with the eUCFR pilot and strength accounting.
eUCFR 90 Beta Test. The test began on 29 April, the team will collect feedback over next 90-days, making improvements based on customer feedback. Thank you to those units participating.
Army-wide PAI. As of 2 May 24, we are tracking an 89% completion rate for the active-duty components' submissions. Units have until 15 May 24 to finalize. If your units need assistance, please reach out to EMoD, COL Jeanette Martin, or the IPPS-A FMD team, COL Rebekah Lust.
Release Notes. The 2 May 24 release provided 31 system enhancements or data fixes (see attached list). There is a large SABIR deployment package, I would recommend watching the “Drive the Change” video for this week to see the additions and several updates to the DD93. Soldiers will now also have the option to pullback an absence request before it is approved.
IPPS-A Roadmap. Find a copy at the following link:
Absence Request and PCS moves. As per the SA memo dated 15 March 2022, Integrated Personnel and Pay System – Army (IPPS-A) Implementation Guidance, the IPPS-A User Manual is the source document for guidance until proponents can update regulations. For PCS absence requests, this is a policy change. Dates cannot overlap in IPPS-A, so the Absence request must cover the Soldier until the day before the report date not the day of. Legacy policy requires the PCS absence to cover until the report date, this is not possible in IPPS-A and causes challenges for Soldiers and HR Professionals. We receive regular request from multiple platforms asking for help notifying Leaders of this change. Please share will Leaders in your organization. To read the SA memo go to the following link:
Order Addendums. Two weeks ago IPPS-A released an update to allow entitlement amendments for PCS orders. The team is working with DFAS, HRC, and AMC to determine a timeline to transition from the MPD issued addendums for order corrections to official IPPS-A amendments. More information to follow and MPDs should being issuing amendments out of IPPS-A for those items corrected with the last release, not addendums.
Stuck Actions. Recent unit visits highlighted a challenge with Personnel Action Request (PARs) being “stuck” in an S1 Pool or the routing chain of a losing unit after a Soldiers departs. The IPPS-A team is tracking and looking at ways to adjust workflows; however the  custom code requirements limit forward action at this time. The recommendation is to add a comment to the Out-Processing Checklist – “verify all actions are complete in IPPS-A.” This addition assists the departing Soldier, as their action (i.e. Award) is completed in IPPS-A (no manual work on a DA638 require) before they depart and there is no customization of PeopleSoft required. 
CRM Update. Units continue to improve on CRM case management, making significant improvement on aged cases (those over 30-days old). Less than 25% of the cases are currently over 30-days, down from more than half.
IPPS-A Reinforcement Training. Share the “Drive the Change” campaign information with Leaders and HR Professionals, it is a great way to get details directly from the product team leads who worked the updates. Participate at the following link: IPPS-A Support | 1. Drive the Change | Microsoft Teams). During these events the IPPS-A team walks through items released into production the night before and explain where the updated training packages reside. The engagements are recorded for those who are not able to attend. The team hosts live events every other Friday at 0900 EST.
Thank you.
Douglas F. Stitt
Deputy Chief of Staff, G-1
CRM Dashboard 2 May 2024