Bite-sized demo videos that guide users
through task execution


  1. Complete Member Elections
  2. Add Tile to Homepage
  3. Add Pages to Favorites
  4. Arrive Member to an Assignment
  5. Depart Member to an Assignment
  6. Create a Temporary Assignment
  7. Update a Duty Status
  8. Add or Update an Award
  9. Create an S1 Pool
  10. Update a Member in an S1 Pool
  11. Create an Upper Echelon Group
  12. Update a Member in an Upper Echelon Group
  13. Submit an Access Request on behalf of (OBO) a Member
  14. Submit a Case OBO Member
  15. Create an Award Recommendation PAR
  16. Create User Defined List
  17. Process a Reduction
  18. Initiate SFPA
  19. Remove SFPA
  20. Validate Unit Level Accountability
  21. Create Workflow Template
  22. Create POI Account Accurately
  23. Add POI Relationship
  24. Maintain POI Relationship
  25. Set Up Provider Group Accurately
  26. Manage Decentralized Promotion Roster
  27. Manage Semi-Centralized Promotion Roster
  28. Generate ETS Roster Using Ad Hoc Reporting
  29. Create Active Termination – Discharge Separation Assignment (MPD edition)
  30. Reassign Action Using Monitor Approvals
  31. SABIR - Force Composition
  32. SABIR - Unit Strength & Readiness 
  33. SABIR - Enterprise
  34. SABIR - MOSI
  35. Submit Voluntary Retirement for Regular Army
  36. Submit Voluntary Retirement for ARNG & USAR

IPPS-A Replays

Where to Go:




  • Go to IPPS-A Facebook page and click on “Videos” or
  • Scroll down to the playlists and click on the appropriate season of “IPPS-A Replays”