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The IPPS-A human resources mobile application (app) allows Soldiers to access their personnel records using a mobile phone or tablet. The app provides Soldiers with self-service access to Army personnel records without requiring a common access card (CAC) for authentication and has the same level of sophistication and security that secure banking and personal service apps have today. Through the app, self-service transactions — including trouble tickets — are automated, paper-free and transparent from initiation to approval. The app is available for download on the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Users can also CAC login into the app, allowing HR Professionals and Commanders to approve anywhere at anytime!

Check out what's new in the 2.0 update here!

What can You do on the App?

Self-Service through DoD username/password

1. Update address and contact information
2. Self-Profess knowledge, skills and behaviors
3. View personal profile
4. View promotion points (semi-centralized)
5. Submit/track personnel actions requests (PARs)
6. View and apply for job openings (view marketplace vacancies)
7. Assignments (make elections and view assignment orders)
8. Request/view a payroll absence (leave)


CAC Access by Manager/HR Professional

1. Review and approve transactions
2. Non self-service/elevated user access

The IPPS-A app is the first in the Army to allow mobile access to an Army human resources system, with comparable commercial technology.

  • Soldiers have the flexibility to operate on the move, accessing their personnel records on a smartphone or tablet using their DS Logon.
  • Soldiers can submit help inquiries, request updates to their record, and monitor the status of their personnel actions through the app without an in-person trip to a G1/S1 shop.
  • Commanders and HR Professionals can access their elevated roles on a DoD smartphone or using a CAC reader on a personal device, allowing them to review and approve transactions without being at their desk or work station.
  • Transactions are automated, paper-free and trackable from initiation to approval — providing a level of transparency like never before.
  • Data is secured over a commercial network with the same level of sophistication that secure banking and personal service apps have today.
  • IPPS-A is part of the Army’s efforts to improve its date posture, informing the Army Data Plan to enable data-driven decisions.
Informational one-pager on how to download the IPPS-A mobile app

Functions on the App Support View will allow users to:

  • Visit various IPPS-A Webpages
  • Access IPPS-A Social Media Pages
  • Call the IPPS-A Help Desk
  • Email the IPPS-A Help Desk for General Inquiries only. System support inquiries must be submitted through CRM when logged into IPPS-A.
  • Access the IPPS-A 101 Brief (pdf)

Functions on the App News Views will allow users to:

  • View the latest news updates from IPPS-A and the U.S. Army
  • Each news update is a clickable link that will take the user directly to the full article

DS Logon Requirement for App

  • Users must first ensure they have established a DS Logon Account (Username and Password), and also verify that their CAC is registered.
  • This is required in order for a user to log into IPPS-A through DS Logon using only a username and password (no CAC).
  • To register a DS Logon account, go to DMDC Registration page.
  • If you encounter any issues with your DS Logon account, or setup of the Two-Factor Authentication or the Multi-Factor Authenticator applications, call the DMDC Help Desk at 1-800-368-3665.


If you still experience difficulties, please contact the IPPS-A Help Desk.

As of February 2024, subject to change.