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User Manual

PAID and ITG Guide


Account for Army Checklist


Self-Service User Guide

Leaders Reference Guide

Link to IPPS-A user manual
Link to PAID & ITG Guide   Link for Account for the Army Checklist  
Link to IPPS-A self-service guide
Leaders Reference Guide  

MPD SmartBook

ARNG User Manual 


CRM User Manual


AORS Integration User Guide

Link to MPD SmartBook Link to ARNG IPPS-A Supplemental User Manual   Link to CRM User Manual   Link to AORS to IPPS-A Error Resolution Guide    

  More User Manuals and Guides are available in the system Demo Server and S1Net


For Resource Posters, click here.

On-Demand Resources

Within the system, the IPPS-A Demo Server includes User Productivity Kits (UPKs), Manuals/Guides, Job Aids, Leaders Program and Training Environments

  • Go to IPPS-A (
  • Click Actions ⋮ Menu button
  • Click Help for a list of available resources (may need to uncheck Applicable)
S1Net You can also access YouTube for training, IPPS-A podcasts, Replays, demo videos, and news from the IPPS-A Team!

Functional Training On-Demand Resources