Quick Tips: Accessing IPPS-A

  • IPPS-A Release 3: Available for all users.
    Self-Service Users Login: https://my.ippsa.army.mil
    Elevated Users Login:  https://hr.ippsa.army.mil/
  • Civilian personnel and sister service military members: If you need an IPPS-A account, contact your TRA to get you set up and added into the system. These users will require assistance to gain access to the system and enroll in training. Contact your organization’s TRA as soon as possible to be added as a POI and granted required roles and permissions to execute your duties.
  • If you need further assistance, you can access the knowledge base and FAQs through the IPPS-A Help Center tile on your Self-Service page or FAQs webpage; contact your supporting Readiness NCO, Unit Administrator, or S1/G1/J1 HR Professional; or submit a CRM Case (help ticket) within the system through the Help Desk tile.


Check out the FAQ database within the system for extensive questions and answers!


1. Login to IPPS-A at Self-Service User (https://my.ippsa.army.mil) and Elevated User (https://hr.ippsa.army.mil/).Help Resources: FAQs and CRM Case
2. Click on the IPPS-A Help Center tile.
3. Under Search For Answers, type in keyword(s) and click arrow button to search for answers to your question.
4. For the Top Answers, click the links listed.
5. For the most Frequently Asked Questions, click links listed.