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News | May 19, 2024

G-1 Sends (INFORM): IPPS-A Update and Reenlistment of Soldiers who do not complete DLC

 Ladies and Gentlemen,
         Good afternoon. This week marks the end of the PAI for the Active Component and as of today we are 100% for reporting and will now move into the reconciliation phase of the “Account for the Army” campaign.
We are working a HQDA EXORD FRAGO to add 60-days for units to complete reconciliation using the newly released SABIR Military Occupational Specialty Inventory (MOSI) Failure to Gain / Failure to Lose functionality, implemented on 2 May. The IPPS-A team took a snapshot of the numbers as of 15 May as a baseline for tracking improvements over the next 60-days and there are 10,093 Failure to Gain and 11,713 Failure to Lose in the Active Component. In order to update, units must do a one-by-one review of the individuals who are listed as failures to gain/lose.  A best practice is for the Division HR Techs to work with the Brigade HR Techs to triage and if unable resolve at the unit level, please submit a CRM ticket to the FMD Triage provide group for assistance. Our intent is a final close out with your G1/HR staffs on/about 15 July.
          Drive the Change (DTC) Tip. I ask that you and your subordinate formations please consider what you require as attachments to actions and how many reviewers are added to the chain as both bog down the system and delay actions. For example, AR 600-8-10 (Leaves and Passes) does not require ACFT, HT/WT, or LES documentation to approve an Absence Request, yet we see many instances of units requiring those documents and more. As we continue to drive change in the Army, I ask that you please look at attachments as to absence requests as the current volume of added and potentially unnecessary attachments strains the system's capacity.
eUCFR 90 Beta Test. The test began on 29 April and will run for 90-days during which units must certify their “new” eUCFRs three times. Units had until 9 May to complete their first (of three) certifications. 94 of the 107 units (88%) certified their eUCFR for this first iteration. The HRC MILPAY Team is in direct contact with the G1s with oversight of the units that failed to complete their certification in time. The majority of those who did not certify were due to change of commands and access issues.
Release Notes. The 16 May 24 release provided 21 system enhancements or data fixes (See attached list). The team demonstrated two key items at this week’s Drive the Change event. The first was the removal of duplicate entries for Persons of Interest (POIs) and the establishment of a gender check when a male Soldier selects an Absence reason of Maternity Leave. The POI role is for those who do not have active HR records in IPPS-A, for example, civilian HR professionals, or sister service individuals. 
IPPS-A Roadmap. Find a copy at the following link:
IPPS-A Reinforcement Training. Share the “Drive the Change” campaign information with Leaders and HR Professionals, it is a great way to get details directly from the product team leads who worked the updates. Participate at the following link: IPPS-A Support | 1. Drive the Change | Microsoft Teams). During these events the IPPS-A team walks through items released into production the night before and explain where the updated training packages reside. The engagements are recorded for those who are not able to attend. The team hosts live events every other Friday at 0900 EST.
Planned Outage. There is a planned outage on Saturday, 18 May 2024 from 1500-1600 EST for system updates. Please plan accordingly and share with your formations. We also currently projected a longer outage on Saturday, 8 June 2024 to deploy the updated orders framework. More details to follow on times and functionality this update provides, but the big item is the additional of the Official Army Seal to the orders.
Thank you.
DCS, G-1

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