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News | Feb. 14, 2024

IPPS-A Update: Account for the Army, SABIR, Mobile App 2.0, Multiple Spouses Error, PCS Absence Requirements, DEROS, DD93, User Manual, AOS, OTSS, and Resources

It’s been over one year since IPPS-A Release 3 launched to more than 1.1 million Soldiers across the Active, Army National Guard, and Army Reserve components.
I want to take this opportunity to thank our HR Pros and Soldiers in the field. We could not have done this without your help over the past year. I’m looking forward to having this same level of engagement and enthusiasm for IPPS-A throughout 2024.
I also want to thank you for bringing issues to our attention for resolution. As we continue to make progress, I’d like to provide you with some updates and guidance:
Account for the Army
It is essential that the Army can see the overall strength of all components to align force composition to meet mission requirements, advise Congress on budgetary requirements, and ensure necessary recruiting targets are met.
Your help is needed to do this.
HR Professionals and Leaders must prioritize the upcoming Personnel Asset Inventory (PAI) starting this month to improve the accuracy of accountability and slotting data in IPPS-A and enhance projected strength reporting within IPPS-A and the Defense Readiness Reporting System – Army (DRRS-A).
We encourage you to utilize our resources and job aids to assist with reaching 100% accountability and to leverage IPPS-A’s Service for Analytics and Business Intelligence Reports (SABIR) capabilities to forecast mission requirements.
The following job aids can help you with the PAI:
  • Account for the Army Checklist
  • Pay-Absences-Incent-Ded (PAID) and In-Transit Grid (ITG) User Guide
  • Personnel Accountability & Strength Reporting (PASR)
  • Retirement and Separation Personnel Action Request (PAR)
You may find all job aids here: Resources, S1Net, and the Training Aids.
For more information, please refer to the “HQDA EXORD 024-24 Army-Wide Personnel Asset Inventory (PAI) (Final)” on S1Net and G1-S1 TouchPoint Army Wide PAI.
Strength Projection with SABIR
We’ve noted that there is confusion on what tool to use for assessing the Army’s common operational picture (COP).
I want to emphasize that SABIR is the Strength Projection Tool for the Army. SABIR is fully functional and provides accurate strength reporting using live data from IPPS-A, which is the Army’s system of record for military HR and applicable military pay actions for all Army components. Please keep this in mind and operate under this guidance throughout the PAI process.
For more information on SABIR, please visit You may also find our SABIR overview job aid at
IPPS-A Mobile App Updates
The IPPS-A mobile app is a game-changer, delivering access and situational awareness of personnel transactions at your fingertips. We’re excited to announce that we’ve used your feedback to make the app even better.
With a complete rebuild and design, IPPS-A’s Mobile App 2.0 features a lot of great updates, including a new look and feel to the Log In, Side Menu, and Support tabs.
This new version launched 1 February 2024, and offers Soldiers a more intuitive, user-friendly experience. To learn more, visit
Multiple Spouses Error
We are still tracking and updating multiple items that need to be addressed. We continue to receive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) cases related to multiple spouses listed for Service Members (SMs) in IPPS-A (this is item #13822 of our Known Issues).
This fix is contingent on multiple factors, and though our team is prioritizing this item, we do not anticipate a release date prior to 22 February 2024. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
PCS Absence Requirements
Since last month’s migration to the new PAID page, we’ve noted system errors associated with Soldiers arriving at units. The Permanent Change of Station (PCS) absence now requires the assignment ID linked to it.
If you get an error when arriving a Soldier, please refer to the instructions found on the S1Net here: You may also use the PAID and ITG User Guide available here:
Still having issues? Please submit a CRM case and our team will be happy to assist.
DEROS Update
We noted an issue where hundreds of Date of Estimated Return from Overseas (DEROS) values were inaccurate. This was a result of the 25 January 2024 system updates. An enhancement has been put into place which will keep end dates in sync by requiring users to link an Assignment to the DEROS values. This enhancement will also correct previously erroneous DEROS values that were being set by departures and arrivals to Temp Assignments.
DD93 Non-Mandatory Fields
We have conducted a review of the DD Form 93 (Record of Emergency Data) with policy holders.
While not all fields of this form are mandatory, I’d like to emphasize that Soldiers should be aware of what completing only mandatory fields really means, and for them to know the potential consequences regarding disposition.
I urge you to help your teammates understand how disposition works based on what fields they do and do not fill out on the form.
Latest IPPS-A User Manual
The team released Version 9.1 of the IPPS-A User Manual on Tuesday, 2 January 2024. It provides step-by-step guidance on how to complete actions in the system and incorporates a variety of contributions from the field.
Among other items, this latest version accounts for the new PAID page and the overall changes due to the PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM) upgrade. You may find the latest version at R3 IPPS-A Resources.
We are working on the next version of the IPPS-A User Manual (Version 10). As always, we welcome any contributions from the field.
The cutoff date to submit comments for the next version is 22 February 2024. You may add to the IPPS-A User Manual Comment Tracker at R3 IPPS-A Resources.
Latest AOS Playbook
The Army Organization Server (AOS) Playbook Version 1.4 was released in January. This guide provides users with an introductory overview of the AOS system along with the knowledge required to view, edit, and validate organization structure data. It offers a consolidated source of AOS roles and responsibilities and step-by-step instructions to use common AOS tools and capabilities.
The updates to this version add support for AOS Data Quality Reports, specify the use of detail templets, and place the burden of responsibility for data quality on the local AOS managers, Force Managers (FMs), and unit S1s/G1s. This is very significant as we push to improve a rapidly growing number of data inaccuracies across the force.
You may find the playbook in the AOS Data Quality teams channel (under the training and collaboration tab > files > AOS Playbook > v1.4 pdf file). 
Virtual OTSS
The IPPS-A Team is conducting virtual Over the Shoulder Support (OTSS) every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 0900–1100 EST, and Wednesday 1800–2000 EST at the IPPS-A Go Live Op Center Cutover Support channel (Teams Channel 1).
Upcoming topics and dates:
  • 14 February 2024: How to Update Assignment History
  • 21 February 2024: Readiness Roster and Strength Analytics Queries (Bi-Analytics)
  • 28 February 2024: Retirements/Separations
This is a great way to receive hands-on, real-time training and brush up on your IPPS-A skills. The feedback in these sessions has been critical to the program, and we encourage all to participate.
Our IPPS-A group on Facebook is a great place to connect with your peers and access real-time updates, dialogue, and answers to your questions. Under the tab labeled “Files,” you will find a lot of helpful resources. To join, visit
We also have a lot of great IPPS-A products created by units located on S1Net. On the left-hand side of the IPPS-A landing page, find the SUB-TOPICS column, and click “IPPS-A SOPs/Tools” underneath that. Please feel free to “donate” any IPPS-A SOPs and products that have worked for your team!
S1Net is where you may also find our webinars. These instructional sessions cover a variety of IPPS-A topics and can be viewed anytime on the Training & Webinars page.
For additional information and resources, you may also visit our website at
Thank you for continuing to drive the change we need in our Army!
Rebekah S. Lust
IPPS-A FMD Director