Service for Analytics and Business Intelligence Reports (SABIR) allows Army Human Resources (HR) Professionals and Leaders to gain business insights and information about their Soldiers in a fraction of the customary time — delivering more opportunities to interpret and act on data.

What is SABIR?

  • The Service for Analytics and Business Intelligence Reports (SABIR) is a modern Army HR Data Analytics platform.
  • SABIR will make it easier to gain insights on Soldier formations, improve readiness, and optimize talent management.​

Why is it important?

  • Today, Army HR Professionals spend more time collecting data than analyzing it.
  • With SABIR, seeing the entire Army population can occur in a matter of seconds.
  • SABIR expedites data gathering, allowing HR Professionals and Leaders time for analyzation.
  • Commanders and Leaders will acquire insight to make more informed, data-driven decisions.

How to use SABIR?

  • Compare your unit and the Total Force to examine your organization’s business intelligence posture.
  • Force Composition: View and compare Soldiers at scale.
  • Unit Strength & Readiness: View and calculate Soldier readiness and strength over time.
  • Enterprise: View Soldier promotion and retention information, in addition to move and PCS eligibility.

Screenshot of the SABIR login screen
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SABIR features