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News | June 9, 2024

G-1 Sends (INFORM): 25-02 Marketplace Update and ALARACT for Non-covered Healthcare

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Good morning. I want to take this opportunity to provide you with an update on our transition from legacy markets to IPPS-A markets. HRC is in the process of quickly transitioning all markets (E/O/WO) into IPPS-A markets. We are in the process of sunsetting the legacy AIM2.0 and ASK-EM system with the intent of fully operating our marketplaces in IPPS-A in FY26. This transition is being accomplished thru multiple pilots of increasing size during the Army Talent Alignment Process (ATAP) 25-01 and 25-02 cycles and ASK-EM markets 25-03 thru 26-02.
For Officers and WO, the first step occurred during the ATAP 25-01 cycle, which is just now wrapping up. For this initial pilot, HRC focused on 1LTs within the Infantry, Armor, and Military Police branches and constrained the pilot to test ATAP actions from market opening through draft assignment creation.
Our second major step to transition officer distribution within the IPPS-A environment occurs during the upcoming ATAP 25-02 cycle. In this second pilot, FSD will be conducting all ATAP operations in IPPS-A for all ACC Captains. This will allow us to test the entire IPPS-A marketplace and supporting systems and prepare for a full IPPS-A only market in the FY26 market cycle. Of note, the Pre-KD Captains will be in a one-sided market with no unit interaction. The intent is to ease some workload on units with respect to the demands of hiring as well as simplify the assignment process for Captains that are primarily graduating from the Captains Career Course. The Post-KD Captains will be in a two-sided market within IPPS-A. All other officers and warrant officers will have their market run through the AIM 2.0 marketplace.
Similarly, for Enlisted, transition will occur over the next three ASK-EM cycles. In 25-03, HRC will execute multiple small branch markets in IPPS-A. The follow on markets will continue to add branches to IPPS-A — medium sized branches in 25-04, and then culminating in all branches in 26-01. Enlisted markets will continue to be Soldier preference markets only.    
In order to ensure this transition is as smooth as possible, FSD within HRC will hold training for G1s and senior leadership, unit strength managers, HRC account managers, and HRC career managers. This training will focus on system permissions and use of the marketplace system overall for all 25-02 markets. HRC career managers will inform each Captain on which category they will fall in for the market (Pre-KD or Post-KD) and the steps they need to take to participate. HRC will also hold TEAMs training for all enlisted Soldiers as their branch moves to the IPPS-A markets.
As always, my team at HRC are here to support and address your concerns.
Thank you.
Douglas F. Stitt
Deputy Chief of Staff, G-1

IPPS-A 2502 Pilot CPTs Messaging: