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News | May 16, 2024

G-1 Sends (INFORM): Reenlistment of Soldiers who do not complete DLC

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Good afternoon. On 15 May 2024, the Army G3/5/7 released ALARACT 030/2024, the Suspension of Temporary Promotions and Select/Train/Educate/Promote (STEP) Policy and the Reduction of Online Training. In addition to the ALARACT, I approved an Exception to Policy (ETP) to allow immediate reenlistment of Soldiers without completing the Distributed Leaders Course (DLC).Attached is the signed ETP.
  • Effective immediately, the requirement to impose an 8K, Bar to Continued Service for DLC non-compliance is suspended.
    • If otherwise qualified, Soldiers reflecting an 8K will be considered fully eligible for continued service and immediate reenlistment.
    • With the reduction of online training, an 8K is no longer necessary for previously required training.
    • This exception to policy allows Soldiers to reenlist immediately regardless of their completion of DLC.
  • How does this help?
    • As of 15 May 2024, approximately 7,562 Soldiers within FY24/FY25 may be directly in their reenlistment opportunity window and have an 8K Bar to Continued Service imposed.
    • An additional 7,214 soldiers in FY26 and beyond were impacted, totaling 14,776 impacted soldiers.
    • FY24/25 Soldiers with an 8K imposed can reenlist while in their ROW.
    • FY26+ Soldiers can now reenlist to meet a Service Remaining Requirement if they have a requirement outside their ROW.
    • Removing the 8K ensures Soldiers are not receiving negative consequences for a no longer mandated requirement.  
It is our goal to remove barriers that inhibit a quality Soldier’s development and desire to serve. 
Thank you.
DCS, G-1