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News | May 2, 2024

G-1 Sends: Suspension of Temporary Promotions and Select, Train, Educate and Promote (STEP) Policy

Good morning. The Army is currently re-evaluating our mandatory Professional Military Education (PME) requirements for non-commissioned officer promotions. As a bridging strategy and effective with the June 2024 promotion month, the Army will suspend the requirement for Soldiers to complete a previously established PME course to qualify for promotion to all non-commissioned officer (NCO) ranks (except for Sergeant Major).

This will result in permanent promotions based on merit with a revised (reduced) level of PME - WITHOUT the use of a temporary promotion provision. Soldiers will no longer be at risk to reverting back to their former rank for not meeting PME completion timelines.

As always, leaders at echelon will still play an inherent role in ensuring the overall development and training of our Soldiers. The Army will continue to schedule Soldiers and NCOs for PME courses based on merit. To emphasize the continued importance of completing PME, Soldiers will earn 150 promotion points (added to the Soldier’s existing total promotion point score) for:   
  • Graduating from the Basic Leaders Course when recommended for promotion to SGT
  • Graduating from the Advanced Leaders Course when recommended for promotion to SSG
The revised promotion eligibility rules regarding PME are as follows:    
  • Promotion to SGT:  None.   
  • Promotion to SSG: BLC graduate for board appearance and promotion pin-on.  
  • Promotion to SFC: ALC graduate for promotion pin-on.  
  • Promotion to MSG: SLC graduate for promotion pin-on.  
  • Promotion to SGM: MLC graduate for Sergeants Major Course (SGM-A) selection and SGM-A graduation for promotion pin-on.   
The Army will publish additional guidance and execution instructions in follow-on messaging. Thank you in advance for ensuring we fully disseminate and apply this information across our force.
Myself, SGM Smoke Stevens, Tom Drew, and Hope Rampy are standing by to assist you and your units with any questions or concerns.
Thank you.

Douglas F. Stitt
Deputy Chief of Staff, G-1

Signed Suspension of Temporary Promotions and Select/Train/Educate/Promote Policy_20240502