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News | May 15, 2024

IPPS-A Update (CSMs/SGMs) 15 May 2024: Self-Service Training, Orders Formatting Updates, Addendums for Orders, OTE Decommissioning, Temporary Promotions Update, IPPS-A Roadmap, Drive the Change Channel, and Resources

Command Sergeant Major / Sergeant Major,
Thank you for continuing to encourage your Soldiers to learn the system. As your NCOs become more proficient in IPPS-A Self-Service, they are better able to empower their Soldiers.
I want to provide you with some updates, guidance, and resources to share with your units as they continue to navigate IPPS-A:
Self-Service Training
A critical part of building upon your Soldiers’ confidence in using IPPS-A is having them understand the absence request process. Please encourage your units to train in self-service functions within the system. The IPPS-A Self-Service User Guide is a good place for them to start. Each chapter details how to access the commonly used functions as well as additional training resources such as User Productivity Kits (UPKs) and the IPPS-A User Manual. Overall, it offers simple, step-by-step instructions to help Soldiers use IPPS-A. They may find it on our Training Aids page here:
Orders Formatting Updates
Soldiers asked and we listened. Please ensure your units are aware orders generated by IPPS-A will soon include the official Army seal. Prior to this update, Soldiers were often experiencing complications while executing travel, and establishing housing due to questions of legitimacy.
This is a big win for the field, as it will make executing mission objectives and administrative tasks much easier for Soldiers. We anticipate this update to be released mid-June. 
Addendums for Orders
We have begun implementing new functionality allowing you to amend certain items in orders, without having to submit addendums. 
For example, users must amend entitlement changes on orders published after 1 May 2024. We are working to add features that allow all order items to be amended without having to submit addendums and are looking to include these in a future release(s).
Please refer to the Valid PCS Order Addendums document for what items still require addendums. For the time being, all other items should follow the process of amending the orders within IPPS-A.
Operational Training Environment (OTE) Decommissioning
Please ensure your NCOs are aware that on 15 April 2024, we shifted towards using a single OTE, now referred to as “OTE A.” Supporting one environment allows for a faster refresh rate while still providing trainees the learning experience they need.
OTE A does not contain any Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) content, which means no access to Soldier Talent Profiles (STPs) or ADHOC queries. The environment will refresh approximately every three weeks unless the refresh is to fall on the first week of the month.
You may find OTE A here:
Temporary Promotions Update 
There have been some recent updates regarding limitations on NCO Temporary Promotions. The Army will no longer use temporary promotions for NCO promotions, and all previously issued temporary promotions for NCOs will become permanent.
I encourage you to review the recent announcement from SMA Weimer. You may find it here:
Remember that it is our responsibility to build generational readiness and grow the leaders of the future. Please ensure your teams are aware of the latest information and continue to encourage them in their professional development.
IPPS-A Roadmap
Please ensure your NCOs know that IPPS-A has a roadmap to guide stakeholders through FY26. This outlines the major post-release aspects of IPPS-A development, and provides clarity on project goals, milestones, tasks, timelines, and dependencies.
Though based on rough projections, listing out development efforts and business objectives in a singular flowing timeline ensures we can promote awareness and education while regularly delivering system enhancements.
This roadmap is effectively helping to Drive the Change we need in Army modernization efforts, and I encourage you to review the IPPS-A Roadmap to gain a better idea of where we are headed. You may find it here:
Drive the Change Channel
If your NCOs are looking for more IPPS-A information, please make sure they join the Drive the Change channel on MS Teams! They will get updates, training information, and job aids for new releases.
This channel also offers New Release Training every Friday at 9 a.m. ET following a release. During these events, the IPPS-A team will walk through items released into production the night before and explain where the updated training packages reside.
You may access the channel here:
If you missed a discussion, the recordings and slides are available, visit
Ensure your NCOs have the information and materials they need to succeed and support their Soldiers.
Your NCOs should understand that we have many great IPPS-A products created by units located on S1Net. On the left-hand side of the IPPS-A landing page, find the SUB-TOPICS column, and click “IPPS-A SOPs/Tools” underneath that. Please feel free to “donate” any IPPS-A SOPs and products that have worked for you team!
S1Net is where they may also find our webinars. These instructional sessions cover a variety of IPPS-A topics and can be viewed anytime on the Training & Webinars page.
Our IPPS-A group on Facebook is a great place to connect with peers and access real-time updates, dialogue, and answers to questions. Under the tab labeled “Files,” you will find helpful resources. To join, visit Remember that, though this is a good resource, I encourage users to first refer to our primary resources (i.e., User Guide, training aids, etc.); while peer-to-peer communication and knowledge sharing is great, it should be taken in tandem with the official IPPS-A documents we have created.
They should listen in to the IPPS-A Podcast to hear information from Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and learn what is going on with the program. Our latest episode features special guest Chief Warrant Officer of the Branch (CWOB), CW5 Chad G. Bowen, who discussed the importance of embracing change in the Army. You may find the IPPS-A Podcast on YouTube, Apple, Spotify, and Castbox.
For additional information and resources, your NCOs may also visit our website at
IPPS-A is helping our Soldiers meet the mission requirements of today and of the future. Thank you for continuing to inform and support your units throughout this process. Your leadership is helping Soldiers become more empowered.
Please let me know if you have any questions or need help — we are here for you!
SGM Paul J. Smith
Senior Enlisted Advisor
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