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News | April 22, 2024

Army G-1 officer spotlights HR Impact during Europe visit

By Eric Franklin

Lt. Gen. Douglas F. Stitt, the Deputy Chief of Staff for G-1 for the United States Army, recently emphasized the invaluable contributions of human resources professionals during a visit to Europe earlier this month.
During his visit with Soldiers assigned to U.S. Army in Europe and Africa, stationed at Clay Kaserne in Germany, Stitt highlighted HR personnel's integral role in supporting daily operations through hard work, empathy, and innovation. Utilizing systems like IPPS-A, these professionals provide predictive insights across formations, contributing to the Army's global mission.
"In a deployed environment our HR professionals are integrated and supporting operations daily through hard work, empathy, and innovation, utilizing systems like IPPS-A to provide predictive insights across formations," Stitt remarked. "Honored and proud to see these HR professionals making a difference every day around the globe."
Chief Warrant Officer 2 Abraham Marquez, the Senior Human Resource Technician for the 21st Theater Sustainment Command, reflected on the significance of engaging with Stitt and gaining insights from his visit.
Marquez stressed the visit's role in deepening the HR community's understanding of the Army's strategic goals and disseminating this knowledge among younger Soldiers and throughout the organization to foster effective leadership and fulfill the Army's long-term objectives.
"I think the impact for our community is understanding the big picture," Marquez said. "Understanding how we expand that to the younger Soldiers and the folks across the field so that we can better be leaders and understand what we're trying to get at the end of the day for the Army."
During his visit to Germany, Stitt discussed with Soldiers and civilian personnel from across USAREUR-AF, allowing him to understand firsthand the primary challenges they face with the existing systems. He remarked that these concerns are not unique to Germany.
"Our Soldiers desire leaders who care for them both personally and professionally," Stitt said. "They also want to know that their work matters and that their ideas are being heard and considered in decision-making at the highest HR echelon."
Following up with initiatives such as IPPS-A, ATAP, and ASK-EM, Stitt delved into how these programs have bolstered Army readiness and refined the assignment process for Soldiers.
"IPPS-A, ATAP, and ASK-EM are pivotal programs that have significantly enhanced Army readiness," Stitt stated.
Maj. Gamaliel Rodriguez, the senior Human Resources officer for the 16th Sustainment Brigade, recently shared insights into the evolving role of HR within the Army and highlighted the successful implementation of new operational strategies.
"The most significant takeaway from my conversation with the G1 was the validation of our efforts to transform HR within the Army into a more operational and mobile function," Rodriguez explained. "It's incredibly satisfying to see that the changes we've been advocating for are being recognized and implemented at higher levels."
Summing up his trip to Europe, Stitt emphasized the importance of direct engagement with Soldiers across the force. He highlighted how combining these firsthand insights with existing data can significantly enrich the Army's understanding and inform its personnel strategies, underlining the value of such dialogue in shaping effective policies.
"Interacting with Soldiers on the ground provides invaluable insights that complement existing data, enriching our understanding and guiding our personnel strategies," Stitt said.