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News | Oct. 31, 2023

IPPS-A Update: MILPAY Resources, ROWSECCLASS Issue, Validator Training and AUSA Recap

We have had another busy month. Your patience and dedication to IPPS-A is greatly appreciated, and we thank you for continuing to provide us with feedback as we build upon the system together.
IPPS-A currently only processes 10 Format Identifiers (FIDs) and 27 Transaction Identification Numbers (TINs). Other pay transactions must be processed outside of IPPS-A through Army Military Pay Offices (AMPOs). Most questions and issues related to MILPAY are addressed in the latest R3 MILPAY User Guide. You may find it here:
Additionally, HR Professionals should review their Submitted FIDs/TINs Report regularly as well as any Customer Relationship Management (CRM) cases impacting pay. Note that the Submitted FIDs/TINs Report allows the HR Professional to reconcile transactions to the Defense Joint Military Pay System (DJMS) Reject Report that is produced by their servicing AMPO.
ROWSECCLASS Issue and Workaround
Attention Validators! We are tracking an error when adding row level security (ROWSECCLASS) to access requests. The defect was added to the Known Issues and scheduled for development. If you have received an error message stating “There is no ROWSECCLASS that matches the requested Department,” please note the following steps for a workaround.
  1. Use the ROWSECCLASS directly on the System Authorization Access Request (SAAR) page in the Row Security input box (do not select the Look Up button).
  2. Press the Tab key on your keyboard; Unit information will appear under the Row Security input box.
  3. Approve the Access Request.
Please refer to the screenshot in the Adding ROWSECCLASS Workaround document.
Please note that Validators can find the ROWSECCLASS by looking at another member’s Access Request in the same Unit Identification Code (UIC) as the current requestor. Also, Validators can use the Department ID and appropriate prefix (listed below) to identify the correct ROWSECCLASS.
Reserve: IP_HCMDP_INCAR (DeptID)
National Guard: IP_HCMDP_INCNG (Two letter state code) (DeptID)
Active: IP_HCMDP_INCAA_00000537
Reserve: IP_HCMDP_INCAR_00000537
Guard (For California): IP_HCMDP_INCNGCA_00000537)
We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you all for your patience while we resolve this error.
Validator Refresher Training
Unit Validators are responsible for granting subcategories/roles, ensuring Soldiers maintain appropriate levels of system access for all their personnel actions. It is critical that Validators, Validator Administrators, and Key Entity Enabling Bundle (KEEB) personnel maintain the skills and knowledge necessary to help their fellow Soldiers.

Please see the schedule for upcoming virtual Validator Refresher training.
AUSA Recap
Team IPPS-A attended the AUSA Annual Meeting and Exposition this month, showing end-users how IPPS-A is positively affecting the Total Force. This year’s booth received a lot of attention, as it featured an innovative hands-on demonstration of IPPS-A’s CRM tool. This enables Commanders new insights into the overall health and readiness of their formations; allows for timely, data-driven decisions; and improves the Soldier HR experience with transparency and accountability.
To those of you who joined us at this year’s event, thank you. For more information on IPPS-A customer support, please visit
Thank you for your continued support throughout this process. For additional information and resources, be sure to follow us on social media. You may also visit our website at
Keep driving the change we need in our Army!
Becky Lust
Rebekah S. Lust
IPPS-A FMD Director