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News | Sept. 15, 2023

IPPS-A Update: Required Access Recertification, Absence Mass Update, New Promotion Guidance, User Manual version 8, Chaplain and Judge Advocate General’s Corps PARs, and more

Thank you for continuing to send your feedback as we continue to build upon IPPS-A together. Below are highlights of system updates and some good news stories. I, and the entire FMD team, appreciate your support and continued engagement and enthusiasm for IPPS-A.
Required Access Recertification
Attention ALL Elevated Access Users! Starting 21 September 2023, annual recertification of system access is required to retain your current level of system access (any level above self-service). This ensures users have the appropriate level of access. If a user is not recertified prior to the 365th day, they will be reduced to self-service access and will have to submit a new access request.
Access expires based on either the user’s set access expiration date or 365 days since their last access request — reoccurring annually. Supervisors are responsible for ensuring that their Soldiers only have the minimum level of access to complete their job. 
IPPS-A will notify elevated access users through an automated email and system notification 60, 45, 30, 10, and 1 day(s) before user access expires. 
To complete the recertification (After 9/21/2023) of system access, either:

1. Navigate to Menu>Self-Service>Access Recertification and submit your recertification request. Which will be routed and vetted through the user’s Supervisor. The recertification must be completed prior to your expiration date.

  1. Submit a new access request which will be routed and vetted through the user’s Supervisor. The access request must be fully approved before your expiration date.
Leaders ensure your Soldiers complete their access recertification by their deadline or they will not be able to complete their mission!
Absence Mass Update
We are excited to highlight a new capability added to the system based on user feedback, such as TRADOC and the schools. The Absence Mass Update capability will increase efficiency for many organizations who have large groups of Soldiers taking specific leave, like post-graduation and trainings. The request was made, approved, processed and tested. This was a high priority item, and thorough testing was completed to ensure the functionality that the field needs. Guidance is forth coming from our Training Team, stay tuned. Remember to provide your Enhancement Requests to the Team through Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
New Promotion Guidance
Effective with the January 2024 promotion month, the Army will reinforce policy requiring Soldiers be Professional Military Education (PME) graduates to qualify for promotion, with limited exceptions. Details are located at the Army Publishing Directorate website ( where you can search under the Principal Officials’ Guidance (Publications tab). Training deletions/deferments may result in your promotion ineligibility regardless of your Order of Merit List (OML) or promotion point status. 
User Manual Update
Version 8 of the User Manual was recently published. We appreciate your feedback in making this document an effective tool for training and assisting users. Please use this manual in your day-to-day, many of your questions can be answered in this resource. Keep your comments coming for inclusion in the next version! The manual is available on S1Net and in IPPS-A.
Job Data Information Job Aid
I am attaching a new job aid that assists HR Professionals with HR System Admin Subcategory (SUBCAT) in several aspects of viewing and modifying a Member’s Job Data record. It includes serval topics, including viewing a Member’s job data record; manually adding, inserting, and correcting rows; and more. Make sure to share this resource. Job Aids are available on S1Net, our website, and in the system.
Recent Uncharged Absences Known Issue
A new defect was opened for recent absences not being charged. The team is investigating the root cause and will appropriately build capacity to address the issue as soon as possible. They are also working with the pay community on a business process to create the least number of rejects and correcting the absence in critical situations, e.g., a Member is separating from the Army. We will keep the field informed on the progress and resolution. 
Chaplain and Judge Advocate General’s Corps PAR Processing
The Chaplain and Judge Advocate General’s Corps are both special branches that do not fall under Army Human Resources Command (HRC). As such, each special branch acts independently and has unique statutory authority over their respective branches. Therefore, all Personnel Action Requests (PARs), Requests for Voluntary Retirements, and Separation Actions for Commissioned Officers and Warrant Officers assigned to these branches must be properly routed to the correct proponent for staffing and approval. HRC cannot approve or act on PARs for special branch officers and routing these actions to HRC User-defined Lists (UDLs) delays the processing and creates a backlog in IPPS-A. Please use the UDLs listed on the attached slide to send PARs to the correct agency for processing.
Thank you for supporting your units throughout this process. Your leadership is helping our Soldiers meet the mission requirements of today and of the future.
Please let us know if you have any questions — we are here to help. Thank you and keep up the great work!
Thank you.
Becky Lust
Rebekah S. Lust
IPPS-A FMD Director