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News | June 30, 2023

IPPS-A Update: E-EFMP, AC Officer Resume Information, USAR Promotions and PeopleSoft Upgrades

As we reach six months since Go-Live, we can see units are progressing in their IPPS-A routines and forwarding valuable feedback. We want to provide an update on items such as Enterprise Exceptional Family Member Program (E-EFMP), the AIM-2 Resume information, USAR Promotions and PeopleSoft Upgrades.
EFMP screening is a requirement to receive PCS orders, especially OCONUS assignments, to prevent EFMP delays. The Family Member Travel Screening (FMTS) process is now inside of E-EFMP, when in the past paper forms were completed as part of the Levy process. All Soldiers with dependents going on an OCONUS assignment must complete FMTS before they can get orders. This is in addition to the requirement for a Soldier to update their EFMP every three years.
AC Officer Résumé Information
As part of conversion, IPPS-A did a one-time load of the free text resume information from the Active Duty Officer Assignment Interactive Module Version 2 (AIM2).  The information is currently visible on the STP; however, there is no ability (nor was one planned) to update this information in IPPS-A since IPPS-A eliminates free text. To avoid confusion, IPPS-A will remove the resume information (e.g., Officer Self-Professed Knowledge, Skills & Behaviors) from the STP., Users should utilize the self-professed tab, located in the TAM Workcenter under My Profile, to make updates within their person profile in the interim. The free text resume can still be updated via AIM2 and those changes will reflect in the AIM2 resume. HR Professionals are encouraged to use the STP from IPPS-A in combination with the AIM2 résumé for talent administration. 
USAR Promotions
The U.S. Army Reserve will continue to use the Reserve Career Management System (RCMS) to provide updated Record Briefs for boards through FY24. Boards are synchronized with iPERMs the morning of a board’s convene date to ensure the most updated documents are shown to the board. USAR Soldiers may still use legacy Soldier Record Briefs (SRBs) during FY24 promotion cycles. Record Briefs will be viewable in Soldier’s MyBoard File prior to the convening date. Soldiers can validate the Record Brief created for their board by reviewing and certifying their board files. If there are significant discrepancies, Soldiers are encouraged to submit letters to the board through the process laid out in each respective board MILPER. COMPO 3 units should ensure IPPS-A data elements are accurate with expectation that the transition to the new system of record is imminent.
Correspondence and resident course updates within the training tab of Profile Management will not be an available function to HR Professionals.  Army Training Requirements and Resources System (ATRRS) will remain the Authoritative Data Source for such actions to be included in a Soldier's IPPS-A personnel record. This includes updates to the STP. Updates to the SRB for evaluation boards should be completed manually by an authorized HR Professional prior to a board. HR Professionals will still be able to update military education levels, joint professional education levels, and civilian education and certifications in the education tab under Profile Management.
PeopleSoft Upgrades
The PeopleTools upgrade previously planned for the 4th of July weekend has been shifted to July 23 based on a required patch for a defect found in the upgrade. We will provide an update to the field of the planned outages. The PeopleTools update will change the look and feel of the IPPS-A homepage, search functionality, and navigation tools.
I am attaching Interface Timelines to help the field understand when IPPS-A is scheduled to pull information from other systems. Based on this schedule, users can anticipate data updates and make CRM Cases if data is not available. This document is also accessible on S1Net.
A new season of IPPS-A Replays is now available on YouTube and S1Net. These short how-to videos cover topics such as workflow templates, person of interest accounts, member elections, promotion rosters and more! Make sure to check them out:
Our IPPS-A group on Facebook is a great place to connect with your peers and access real-time updates, dialogue, and answers to your questions. Under the tab labeled “Files,” you will find helpful resources. To join, visit
Thank you.
COL Eggers
Rebecca L. Eggers