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News | Dec. 23, 2022

IPPS-A Update: We’re in this Together


First, I want to thank all of you for your patience as we work through the access requests. We admire your commitment to ensuring that we set the rest of the Army up for success next year.

I wanted to share some things that we are seeing and ways to help ensure that the system isn’t unnecessarily bogged down while we work through the items currently pending.

The focus for each of you should be on the priority of work tasks. Those are the items that ensure we gain accountability quickly and also ensure the automatic promotions process captures Soldiers accurately at the end of the month.

Access Requests remain our highest priority and also create the biggest strain on the system right now. We are making some edits to the routing of requests where there is no current validator that will help alleviate the latency we, and you, have seen in the past few days. Please continue to reach out if you do not have the access you believe you should have. Do your best to submit new access requests with the entirety of access and ROWSECCLASS you require. Any added SUBCAT or access requires an additional request and only further adds to the current actions that need to be processed. Review the Monitor Approvals deck for assistance with correct ROWSECCLASS, SUBCAT, and provisioning.

If access requests are not showing up in your dashboard, please use the lookup tool to find the ones for your unit. Remember – if an access request was submitted before your validator access was approved, you will not be able to approve those requests. Please resolve as many as you can at your level and let us know about the ones you can’t so we can work them for you.

Also – if you are processing junior enlisted boards and promotions, be sure to include the PROMO DECENTRALIZED role under HR PROFESSIONAL.

When clicking the tiles, or submit buttons, please let the action process. Continuing to click tiles and buttons multiple times also cues more actions to process in the back end of the system. We will be adding some enhancements that will keep users from doing this moving forward, but for now, please refrain from hitting submit multiple times.

Arrivals/Departures – remember that in order to arrive someone, they must be departed from their previous unit. We have noticed an issue with processing an arrival for a person that reported early during the brownout since there is no absence request in the system. Expect a follow up shortly for this issue.

Please ensure you are following the guidance in the Cutover guide for catch-up tasks. We have seen some promotions transactions we believe were done as part of a catchup task that did not follow the published guidance.

We did identify some officers whose records were converted from the wrong legacy system that we are quickly rectifying. Please continue to elevate data discrepancies that you see so we can continue to fix these items before additional users are added to the system.

Don’t forget that the Promotion Consideration Roster must be signed by your Commander prior to the 29th of Dec in order to be captured in the end of month promotions job.

We did note that there were erroneous emails sent to Soldiers and their chains of command indicating they were removed from the Promotion Recommendation Roster. We will follow up directly with these Soldiers. Commanders will not receive an additional email. If you have Soldiers that ask about this email, please let them know this was erroneous. We have turned off these notifications for the time being.

We have also seen several flags that were closed a long time ago that are appearing as open. We will work to rectify these, but have already seen some of you cleaning this up by processing the flag removal. Erroneous flags on member records should be removed in accordance with AR 600-8-2, paragraph 2-9. The date for the removal of the restriction is the same as the start date of the erroneous flagging action.

Promotion Point Worksheets – Some Soldiers serve in organizations that prevent the ability of Soldiers to meet the weapons qualification timelines. These members must have their unit training manager complete an Army Training Management System (ATMS) entry with the same number of hits as the expiring points to allow crediting of promotions points for the duration of the assignment.

We are here to help. We are committed to working through the issues with you and the entire team is on hand to do that. Please continue to pass the issues you are finding to us.

Again, I truly appreciate your patience and diligence.

COL Eggers

Rebecca L. Eggers