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News | Jan. 6, 2023

G1 Sends: INFORM – IPPS-A Update


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Good afternoon. I want to make you aware of some items that Soldiers may see and provide an update on user access.

If the leader course was completed, all leaders and managers now have access to IPPS-A. If you do not have access beyond self-service, your local G1 or HR personnel can assist in ensuring you have access.

Beginning 17 January 2023, our intent is to provide all users access to use IPPS-A. Until this time your HR Professionals will be completing the assignments and promotions catchup since our HR systems browned out in November.

We have not lost data from our legacy systems, what we are seeing are data discrepancies, not systemic issues with functionalities.  Any potential impacts to a Soldier’s promotion or pay will be openly communicated and we have worked through mitigation to ensure any discrepancy in IPPS-A does NOT disadvantage a Soldier.

Two prominent issues directly affecting promotions are: 1) weapons qualification data, and 2) correspondence course information. Soldiers have noted seeing their weapons qualification data in IPPS-A, but no points awarded on the PPW. In DTMS, if the qualification is not with the Soldier’s primary weapon and the primary weapon box is not checked, no points will be awarded. Soldiers must have their DTMS unit administrators annotate that it is the Soldier’s primary weapon.

With respect to correspondence courses, when converting promotions points from the legacy system, the legacy data did not have durations which caused miscalculations of promotion points. We put in a fix this week that should resolve the issue. Both issues result in Soldiers having less promotion points reflected in IPPS-A than on their legacy PPW. We coordinated with HRC to have the necessary exception to policy in place for February/March 2023 promotions, if required.

Some Soldiers are seeing assignment amendments or are receiving notifications as we continue to bring the system current after the brownout began on 10 November. All Soldiers that had a hard copy order in hand or a Request for Orders (RFO) already pending, should use that as their source document for PCS as we load the correct assignment orders information.

We will continue to be transparent with what we are seeing with the field. I thank you for your support and for keeping your units informed. Your leadership is critical as we forge ahead.

Thank you.



DCS, G-1