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News | Jan. 11, 2023

IPPS-A Update: Key Items


Thank you for your patience as we work to identify and fix system issues. I want to provide you with some helpful updates and reminders as you continue to navigate the system.

I was to confirm that we are moving forward with all-user access on 17 January 2023. We will continue to update the known issues in order for you to answer questions as they come in from the field.

Some key items for action:

CRM Provider Groups

Most CRM Provider Groups are synced with S1 Pools; however, they require configuration to ensure you receive the cases your Soldiers submit. We have many cases that have been sitting in Provider Groups waiting for action because the PG was not configured. Please review the Provider Group Guide to configure your PG. Please note that you will need to request access as a Provider Group Admin to configure the PG. You must add a POC email address to ensure you receive notification of new cases. You must have PGA access to switch a case from HR to IT. All cases created by Soldiers default to HR cases.

Personnel Asset Inventory (PAI)

The field is working hard to resolve accountability issues in IPPS-A resulting from conversion and from 5+ weeks without accountability systems, including validating accessions and separations and actioning departures and arrivals. That accountability catchup culminates with the post Go-Live PAI, which runs from D+30 through D+60 after Go-Live. With all users being allowed into the system on 17 January, that PAI window will run from 16 February through 18 March 2023.

Updates from Last Week

PPW Issues

Weapons Qualification – We will do a one-time data fix for those Soldiers who had points for weapons qualification but whose IPPS-A record indicates “No” for primary weapon and are not receiving points. Soldiers MUST update their ATMS to add the primary weapon.

Correspondence Courses (DL and Army e-Learning) – We applied a data fix to correct the calculation. Soldiers should check their PPW and any missing points require a CRM case.

APFT – We are not going to apply a universal data fix for this issue. HRC will publish guidance in a MILPER that Soldiers should contact Junior Enlisted Promotions branch at HRC to have the points restored.

Promotion Eligibility – MEL/MES completion information is incorrect. In some cases, Soldiers who graduated from school are reflecting as ENROLLED in that school in IPPS-A. School data is an inbound interface from ATRRS. If IPPS-A is reflecting a Soldier as enrolled, please check ATRRS to ensure the school has been closed out as graduated.

Soldier Talent Profile (STP) missing tour counts – No Update

In some cases, the tour counts for Overseas, Short, Long, Contingency, etc. are missing from the STP. We already have a defect logged for this issue. To ensure that the counts appear correctly once the defect is resolved, S1s can check the Soldiers assignments now and make any appropriate corrections. Go to Navigator > Workforce Administration > Assignment Tracking > Manage Converted Assignments to check the Soldiers converted assignments. Temporary assignments have a value over 0. As a note – users cannot view this information on themselves, so an HR Pro must review for them.

Retirement Points/Retirement Eligibility Date – No Update

We are tracking an issue with Soldiers seeing erroneous Retirement Eligibility Dates. We are looking into this more closely but believe this is a conversion issue that will require a data fix. To see how the eligibility date is being calculated, go to the View Retirements Points page. Under the “Periods” tab, you’ll see how each period was converted. In some cases, Soldiers who have been Active Duty for their entire career, are seeing these periods as “Delayed Entry” or something other than Active Duty which results in incorrect eligibility dates.


Nearly all assignments have been pushed from HRC to IPPS-A to complete arrivals/departures. Remaining assignments should complete this week. As a reminder, hard copy orders that the Soldier has in hand are the source document. If a Soldier had an RFO/AI during brownout, MPDs should cut the legacy order as the source document.

Erroneous Dependent Information – No update

Additional Items

“NULL” Errors

If you are receiving a NULL Error when performing an action in IPPS-A, please submit a CRM ticket so the technical team can triage this. If your CRM group is set up properly, be sure you mark it as an IT Case. We have found that it is also important to make sure the correct access was granted to you to see the Unit Identification Code, UIC, you are supposed to execute. Typically, access to the wrong UIC or roll ups can generate a NULL value because it is not pulling in the correct data.

Erroneous Restriction Codes

When attempting to query restriction codes, ensure you are reviewing the end date of the restriction. We identified that some of the reports in IPPS-A are displaying all restrictions regardless of end date. We are reviewing these reports and will update them accordingly to only display active restrictions.


Users noted that they cannot update PERSTEMPO because Named Operations Titles are missing. We are currently working a fix for this error, and it should be corrected shortly.

While we have work to do, most of it pertains to post-conversion clean up and are not issues of functionality. We will continue working through data discrepancies with you and ask that you please continue to pass the issues you are finding on to us.

Please review the index of training resources, to include the recent job aids that have been posted.

Thank you!


COL Eggers

Rebecca L. Eggers