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News | Feb. 6, 2023

IPPS-A Update: Message to SGMs

Sergeant Major,

The Integrated Personnel and Pay System-Army (IPPS-A) has been live for the Total Force, 1.1 million Soldiers, for almost three weeks. As referenced by the SECARMY memo, IPPS-A is the Army’s system of record for military human resources and applicable military pay actions for all Army components. With an enterprise software launch of this magnitude, we anticipated that it may take time to adapt to the new system. But I know we can count on NCOs to ensure that Soldiers will be fully trained on how to navigate and perform actions in this new modern HR system.

IPPS-A delivers visibility over the entire force and maximizes the potential of the Army’s greatest asset, the Soldier, to enhance Army Readiness. It improves access, timeliness and provides auditability of personnel and pay information for the Total Force. Like every weapon system in the Army, it is only as effective as the Soldier operating it. I need your help to ensure that every Soldier is trained on how to fully utilize IPPS-A.


R3 Self-Service Orientation Training video. Self-service training is highly-recommended for Soldiers; it promotes a shared understanding across the Force, and can save them a trip to the S1 shop by showing them how to submit personnel requests (such as leave) on their own behalf in IPPS-A.

  1. Log into IPPS-A:
  2. Click “IPPS-A Hands-on Training” tile.
  3. Type “R3 Self Service Orientation” in search bar.
  4. Select course from menu and choose Enroll/Launch.

Job Aids and handouts. These are available to assist your Soldiers by providing information on specific transactions. These great resources are available on S1Net and the IPPS-A website.

R3 Leaders Course. NCOs are leaders and need to be operational in the new system. If your NCOs have not taken the HR Professional training, they need to complete the Leaders Course. They may find it on YouTube, or by logging into IPPS-A, clicking “IPPS-A Hands-on Training,” and searching for “R3 Leaders.” *Note that if they complete the training on YouTube, the unit’s Training Resources Administrator (TRA) must validate completion for the trainee to receive credit.

Resources. Team IPPS-A is here to support your organization during this transition, but we also want to ensure that you have the right resources you need to guide them. Over the Shoulder Support (OTSS) personnel are providing hands-on training in the field, as well as through our IPPS-A Go-Live Support MS Teams channel. The IPPS-A Facebook group is a great place for your Soldiers to connect with peers and discuss processes and best practices. We also have Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that offers another means for your units to seek answers and get help. Please encourage your Soldiers to use these resources.

Leading up to Go-Live, we ensured individuals in your organizations were trained; these TRAs, Train-the-Trainers (T3s), and Action Officers within your organizations are IPPS-A Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), and can answer questions. Please ensure your Soldiers and Civilians are utilizing your unit’s SMEs – doing so will get them information quickly and efficiently. Review the list of Installation Coordinators (ICs) who serve as IPPS-A SMEs at your units available on S1Net. If you still don’t know who your organization’s POC is, contact us at

Thank you for continuing to inform and support your units throughout this process. Your leadership has been monumental to this effort.


SGM Gary A. Krese
Senior Enlisted Advisor