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News | Feb. 9, 2023

IPPS-A Update: PARs


Greetings from Team IPPS-A! I’d like to provide you with some updates and guidance on issues we are seeing with personnel action requests (PARs) in IPPS-A:

Restriction PARs

Based on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) cases, we became aware late last week that restriction PARs were not updating Soldier records after the approval occurred. Upon further analysis, IPPS-A’s System Integrator (SI) discovered 2,700 restriction PARs have not successfully updated Soldier records.

We have addressed the root cause of this issue and deployed a fix on 7 February 2023, that ensures all approved restriction PARs update Soldier records. We ask that HR Professionals confirm their restriction PAR actions and report any discrepancies found through the CRM platform.

Promotion PARs

We’ve also uncovered an issue with promotion PARs not producing orders and promotion job row updates on Soldier records after the approval occurred, affecting approximately 11 percent (883) of all promotion PARs approved since Go-Live. The SI is analyzing the cause of this issue to determine a resolution. Upon initial analysis, it appears the system load and latency are causing processes to time out following the approval action, preventing subsequent record updates to occur. These PARs that failed after approval did not generate the corresponding pay transaction to Defense Joint Military Pay System (DJMS), as there must be an order and matching job row update to allow pay transactions.

Moving forward, IPPS-A will send a distinct list of PARs that did not produce an order to the State that approved them and HRC Promotions Branch. We are asking that users first re-attempt to process the PAR; if the PAR continues to fail to produce an order or update job after approval, please submit a CRM case. Further, a distinct list will be sent to the State and HRC Promotions Branch for users to enable job data corrections for those Soldiers impacted. Please note that IPPS-A sends a notification to HR Professionals when this occurs, and can occur in normal circumstances based on the Soldier’s data in IPPS-A. Once the appropriate job data update is made, the pay transaction will be generated to DJMS.

We will continue to keep you updated on known issues, and encourage you to reference as it includes answers to common questions we get from the field.

We are committed to working through the issues with you, so please continue to pass along to us anything you are finding.

Your patience and diligence throughout this process is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


COL Eggers

Rebecca L. Eggers