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News | Feb. 22, 2023

IPPS-A Update: PCS Items and CRM Support


As summer PCS assignments begin to process, I’d like to focus this week’s message on specific items regarding the orders/absence process and provide some information on what we are seeing with CRM cases.

Absence in Conjunction with PCS

We have received several questions regarding submitting absence requests in conjunction with PCS. Review this slide deck that shows how to request absence in conjunction with PCS with or without PTDY. A few key items:

  • PTDY (and in most cases TAA and ISAA) is a separate request from the PCS absence request
  • We recommend you have the PTDY request approved prior to the PCS absence request
  • PTDY dates can be at the beginning or the end of the PCS absence request, but they must be nested in the dates of the PCS absence
  • The end date of the PCS absence request should be one day prior to the report date
  • If reporting early, the gaining installation will adjust the in-transit grid to account for the actual chargeable days and you will not need to adjust the absence request

Member Elections

As more and more PCS assignments load from HRC to IPPS-A, here are some tips for your Soldiers to make their member elections.

  • When receiving the notification to make member elections, we noted that some users have not been able to see their member elections. This is likely because the user is logging in to If they use the URL, they should be able to see their member elections. We have noted this as a defect since members should not have to switch URLs to make their member elections.
  • For Soldiers going overseas, after making their member elections there is an additional step called Overseas Approval. This is to document whether command sponsorship has been approved. Soldiers should complete their command sponsorship request and upon decision, their HR Professional can update the Overseas Approval. We will send additional guidance to MPDs that they need to check “Manage Assignments” for verification of assignment since these assignments have not yet reached their PSC pools.
  • Once member elections are made, and the Overseas Approval complete if required, the assignment routes to the servicing MPD for approval. Upon approval, the orders are auto-generated in IPPS-A and available to print, if required.

Here are the UPKs for Complete Member’s Elections Activity Code (Self-Service) and Approve/Deny Command Sponsorship (HR/MPD). Please also review Complete Self-Service Elections, Command Sponsorship and HRC Frustrated Assignments (CAC-enabled) slide decks.

We have heard that some on-post agencies are turning Soldiers away with these new PCS orders. While we have coordinated with Garrison Commanders to ensure agencies are aware of the new formats, if Soldiers are turned away, please let us know immediately so we can contact those installations directly.

CRM Cases

I have noted previously that the number of HR cases continues to grow. As a reminder, cases default to an HR case. In several instances where Soldiers were told by their S1s to submit a CRM case, these cases are then sitting in the S1 Provider Group not being actioned. S1s should make a habit of checking to see if they have cases at least daily by going to the My Cases tile or Case Management tile.

We do still hear challenges with CRM cases getting closed. We will continue to work closely with the Tier 1 Helpdesk to ensure cases are closed after resolution is confirmed. If your case is closed without resolution, you should immediately re-open the case. Additionally, when Soldiers submit cases, providing as much information and documentation as possible ensures more timely action of the case.

HRC has taken the lead on providing guidance to the field regarding BOCO assignments. Please find attached the information regarding sending information to HRC to ensure those Soldiers who already PCSd but are still waiting assignment are processed quickly.

And lastly, please continue to share your best practices and questions in our Cutover Teams Channel or in our FB Group.

Thank you.


COL Eggers

Rebecca L. Eggers