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News | March 31, 2023

IPPS-A Update: Enhancement Request Feature, Absences, PCA/PCS Changes, Events, PAI, Mobile Updates, STP, Known Issues and Resources


This is a long update, but worth your time. Please pass this information broadly. To date, over 650K Soldiers have logged into IPPS-A. We average nearly 100K users each day. HRC, TRADOC, IMCOM and the team here are doing all we can to get the assignments caught up so that we can begin to settle the system.

I am excited to see and hear the changes that are happening within your formations that prove that you are getting more comfortable with the system. Great work by all of you! Keep pressing!

New Enhancement Request Feature

Users have done a great job providing us with valuable feedback as they navigate and become more adept at using the system. We would not be where we are without HR Professionals and Soldiers in the field. IPPS-A is your system and your input is going to make it better!

Sharing your feedback is about to be easier! When you put in a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) ticket, there is a new dropdown category titled “Enhancement Request.” Any user can select this category. We are working an update that will allow direct routing to the team here; however, in the meantime, the case will route to the S1 Pool. S1s, please select the “FMD Enhancement Request” provider group and the request will come to us. Keep in mind that the request submitted does not equate to a change made. We intend to capture the enhancement requests for analysis and will make a determination on implementation timelines should the enhancement be supported. Please consider using this option rather than posting suggestions in the various Teams chats.

Absences and PCS

When submitting an absence in conjunction with a PCS, the end date must be the day prior to the report date. Previous regulatory guidance indicated the absence ended on the report date, however, this has changed. In accordance with the attached SECARMY memo, IPPS-A users should refer to the user manual for guidance to avoid any outdated regulations. We are aware that there is conflicting guidance in the user manual, and a request is in to provide an update with clarification.

Assignment Change from PCA to PCS

For Soldiers that are seeing assignment revocation orders sent to their iPERMS, please share the following:

HRC revoked approximately 7.5K assignments with report dates later than 1 July 2023 that were previously loaded as PCA assignments. This is the action that is triggering the revocation order. As a follow-up, HRC has pushed new PCS assignments for these Soldiers. This change alleviates the MPDs from having to do legacy orders and allows more rapid processing of assignments. Soldiers will receive a follow-up notification when placed back on assignment with instructions to complete elections in IPPS-A.

I ask that you pass this information throughout your formations proactively since Soldiers will see these revocations.

Upcoming Training Events

We have some virtual IPPS-A working groups scheduled throughout April. You may find the topics and corresponding dates below:

  • 5 April 2023: Arrival/Departure and Unit Slotting
  • 12 April 2023: How to Update Assignment History
  • 19 April 2023: Readiness Roster and Strength Analytics Queries (Bi-Analytics)
  • 26 April 2023: RPMD Assignments Process
  • TBD: Retirements/Separations

*All sessions occur on the HRC – G1-S1 Teams Channel. Note that since Teams caps participants at 1,000, we suggest G1s and S1s coordinate their internal syncs during these sessions and participate collectively to ensure accessibility.

Personnel Asset Inventory (PAI)

The current IPPS-A Go-Live Validation PAI continues through 30 April 2023. For information on how to Validate Unit Level Accountability (Using the Readiness Roster), check out the IPPS-A Replays demo. This action ensures all Soldiers are reflected on the Readiness Roster in their current duty status. It’s critical that you document any changes that cannot be completed in IPPS-A during the PAI window. HRC and the IPPS-A team will assist as much as possible to help units get accurate accountability.

For more information on the PAI, refer to MILPER Message 23-057.

Mobile App Updates

We’ve made some updates to the IPPS-A Mobile App! These changes include: updated log in features, instructions (for DoD root certificate installation and DS Logon Account Setup and Two-Factor Authentication requirements), customer support information, IPPS-A and Army news feeds, and a new button to Call DMDC Help Desk to Resolve DS Logon Issues.

For more information and installation instructions, visit

“P” Status on the Soldier Talent Profile (STP)

For officers, the “(P)” next to the rank indicates officers are on an active roster and promotion select.

For Semi-Centralized Promotions and officers, the “(P)” next to rank indicates the SPC or SGT is on the Promotion Recommended Roster (PRR).

For SSG and above, NCOs/Units should disregard the “(P)” as it does NOT indicate the NCO is promotable and we are putting in a fix to remove it. The Promotion Consideration Code (PCC) indicates if the NCO is either most qualified “(MQ)” or fully qualified “(FQ)” as a result of their placement on an Order of Merit List (OML) stemming from a HQDA NCO Evaluation Board. The PCC doesn’t mean they will be promoted, but they are otherwise eligible (from a board perspective) to be potentially selected for promotion.

Known Issues

For updates on IPPS-A issues pertaining to promotions, benefits, assignments, onboarding, and more, please reference the known issues. This resource includes updates on items we know matter to you, and offers answers to common questions we get from the field.


We have a lot of great IPPS-A products created by units located on S1Net. On the left-hand side of the IPPS-A landing page, find the SUB-TOPICS column, and click “IPPS-A SOPs/Tools” underneath that. Please feel free to “donate” any IPPS-A SOPs and products that have worked for your team!

For additional information and resources, be sure to follow us on social media. You may also visit our website at

Thank you.

COL Eggers

Rebecca L. Eggers