Release 3: Active, Army National Guard and Reserve Components

Fielded in January 2023 to all component Soldiers, Release 3 provides HR Professionals and unit leadership across the Total Army the ability to provide HR services and manage a Soldier’s HR record from Accession through Separation. IPPS-A delivers key area functional capabilities including: 1) Customer Relations Module (CRM), 2) HR Support, 3) Talent Management, 4) Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics. In addition, it will perform Military Pay (MilPay) functionality by interfacing directly with the Defense Joint Military Pay System (DJMS).

Release 3 Capabilities 

Release 3 allows the management of a Soldier's career from Accession through Transition.

Deployment Plan

The system underwent a build and testing phase before the Go Live.
Unit Data Correctness Activities in preparation for Go Live included:
  • Enhanced Personnel Readiness Reviews (PRRs)
  • Analyzing and correcting data errors
  • Army Organizational Server (AOS) training
  • Set-up and slotting activities
The IPPS-A Release 3 Deployment plan enabled units to prepare for successful Go Live.



  • Cutover was several weeks, focused on the transfer and correction of data from legacy systems to IPPS-A.
  • Cutover began with shutting off (Brown Out) of legacy systems and ended with IPPS-A operational (Go-Live).
    • Brown Out was a key event, it is the day that in/outbound transactions of legacy systems were shutoff.
    • Transactions could not be actioned in legacy systems to allow data to begin transfer to IPPS-A.
  • During Cutover, organizations established Cutover teams.
  • The Cutover Team is made up of personnel from organizations who could validate and correct data, slot Soldiers, and build the framework for HR tasks and actions.
  • IPPS-A provided organizations with support during this process to assist with the transfer of data, validating data, and establishing workflows for HR tasks and actions.