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News | Sept. 6, 2023

IPPS-A Update: Monitor Approvals Workflow, Elevated Access Request Job Aid, Absence Known Issues, Military Education, and CRM

Thank you for continuing to send your feedback as we continue to build upon IPPS-A together. Below are highlights of system updates and some good news stories. I, and the entire FMD team, appreciate your support and continued engagement and enthusiasm for IPPS-A.
Workflow Change Request
The Team approved and is working on Monitor Approval Enhancements/Reports in the system.  These changes provide users the ability to further drill down in Monitor Approvals to help clarify searches but will retain the search cap at 5K. Additions include Unit Identification Code (UIC), UIC Hierarchy, and Distribution Management Level/Distribution Management Sub-Level (DML/DMSL). This change is in the queue based on priority to be worked and implemented as soon as possible.
Elevated Access Request Job Aid
I am attaching a new job aid that assists Members and Supervisors in executing an elevated access request through the Access Request Tile. Elevated access requests set security parameters that define what a user can do with categories and subcategories within those unique roles. Supervisors now are an integral part of the access request process. This capability allows Supervisors to verify roles and access prior to a Validator’s approval. Essentially giving Supervisors oversight over their units’ personnel access and roles. Members are required to insert their Supervisor into the workflow.
Cannot Arrive/Absence Error Known Issues
We are tracking a known issue that may have impacted some arrivals. The August 24 release corrected a false positive on PCS Absence Eligibility that resulted in the absence not being charged. It was a PCS Absence Error that occurred for any Member who created an absence prior to April–May when we implemented eligibility checks for absences. When a Member had a gap between the end date of their absence and the beginning date or their arrival, they had the potential to get this error. This error happened to the approver, when trying to approve the PCS absence (update) and began when a Member was not able to be arrived on station.
Recent Uncharged Absences Known Issue
A new defect was opened for recent absences not being charged. The team is investigating the root cause and will appropriately build capacity to address the issue as soon as possible. They are also working with the pay community on a business process to create the least number of rejects and correcting the absence in critical situations, e.g., a Member is separating from the Army. We will keep the field informed on the progress and resolution. 
Military Education
On 25 August 2023, HRC HR Pros will have the ability to edit Correspondence and Resident Courses under Training with the HR SYS ADMIN Sub-category (SUBCAT). If a Member requires an adjustment to this course information, the Member will submit an Admin Records Corrections PAR through their S1 Pool for processing/approval. See the IPPS-A Self-Service User Guide on S1Net for PAR instructions.    
For S1s/G1s/J1s/MPDs, please ensure any updates to the Soldier’s training record in IPPS-A are present in the Soldier’s training record in ATRRS. This must be accomplished using the Soldier’s ATRRS Unofficial Transcript or review of the Soldier’s training record in ATRRS (RS screen in ATRRS Portals).
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Case Backlog
We are seeing improvement with open cases down from 9,883 to 9,355. However, we still need your participation. The top 5 open case categories include: Pay Inquiry, Records Management, IPPS-A Technical Issues, Promotions & Selections, and Career Management (orders, arrivals/departures, etc.). Training opportunities for Europe, Indo-Pacific, & Special Operations are being explored and dates to follow. The team is reaching out to the Medical Center of Excellence due to departure/arrival cases, and the 3d ID due to over 1,000 PGs with majority of Company Level stagnant cases. With over 1,500 cases older than 120 days, units need to continue to verify if these cases have been resolved to properly close out cases. As always, a CRM User Manual is available on S1Net; the CRM team is available to provide training; and units can reach out on the Over the Shoulder Support (OTSS) Teams channels, social media, or email for assistance. Please see attached CRM Dashboard metrics for current trends.
Thank you for supporting your units throughout this process. Your leadership is helping our Soldiers meet the mission requirements of today and of the future.
Please let us know if you have any questions — we are here to help. Thank you and keep up the great work!
Thank you.
Becky Lust
Rebekah S. Lust
IPPS-A FMD Director