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News | Dec. 30, 2022

IPPS-A Update: New Job Aids and System Update


Thank you again for your patience as we work through the items identified in my previous email. I wanted to share with you some updates on known items we are working and provide some job aids that we recently posted for your use. The below information provides an overview of these resources and processes.

Cutover Assignments Deferment Process Job Aid

IPPS-A requires every day to be accounted for during the Permanent Change of Station period up to the report date – no gaps between assignments. Without the associated absence request in IPPS-A, we have seen issues arriving Soldiers early to their new assignments. IPPS-A will now automate these assignments to minimize work by HR Professionals. Members will not need to re-create absence requests with their former organizations, and local military personnel directorates will not need to complete duplicate orders.

Junior Enlisted Promotions, PCR to PRR Job Aid

This job aid was also shared by HRC and assists in integrating Service Members to the Promotion Recommended Roster (PRR) from the Promotion Consideration Roster (PCR). The normal timeline for this task is after monthly unit promotion boards are held between 10-26th of each month. The PCR completion date was pushed to 29 Dec for this month. If units have a signed board memo by the promotion authority and someone besides the commander has assumption of command orders, that person can be provisioned to approve the PCR to integrates Soldiers in the absence of the commander. This is an exception this month and in future months the approver needs to be delegated within IPPS-A.

Create PSC/PPS Pools Job Aid

This job aid assists in setting up set up the Personnel Service Center (PSC) Pool or Personnel Processing Activity (PPA) Pool Configurations. The Military Personnel Division (MPD) uses the PSC and PPA pools to manage assignments for installation personnel. Setup and maintenance is similar to S1 Pool Configuration. The PPA codes consist of two-digit codes and the PSC codes consist of four-digit codes. Please refer to the PSC PPS job aid for more information.

Access Request Job Aid

The IPPS-A Team continues to receive access requests from the field and is actioning them accordingly, with a focus on approving validators so that units can take over approving their access requests internally. For situational awareness, unit validators are only able to action their units’ access requests that come in after their validator access has been approved. Validators should continue to work the access requests they can and we will continue to work those that came in before the validator access was granted. As another alternative, if the local validator has their access approved, personnel requesting access can cancel their pending request and re-submit to their local validator for approval. This may help expedite requests. Please see Provisioning and Approval Guide for additional information on access requests.

Additional Information

PPW – in addition to the weapons qualification issue, we have noted correspondence issues not awarding points. This is happening because the legacy system did not have a duration applied for IPPS-A to properly award points. We are working through a fix to add the duration to these courses to allow the points to populate.

We would caution units from encouraging self-service users to access the system. We had to open up access to support all the access requests that needed to be completed; however, encouraging self-service users to use the system prior to the 9th only takes the focus away from being able to complete priority of work tasks and allowing the team to make necessary data fixes.

Please continue to join us in our Teams chats and daily CUB to get updated information.

Thank you for your patience and diligence, and for continuing to pass the issues you are finding to us. We are here to help.


COL Eggers

Rebecca L. Eggers