Upon full deployment, IPPS-A provides:

  • Integrated personnel and pay capabilities in a single system to all Army Components for the first time ever.
  • Modernization of how the Army does business by transforming industrial age personnel systems to 21st century talent and data-driven capabilities.
  • Leaders and Commanders the ability to see the knowledge, skills, and behaviors of Army Soldiers to ensure the right person is in the right job at the right time.
  • Increased transparency of human resources processes for auditability purposes.

To achieve this the Army will incrementally build and deploy IPPS-A, providing additional IPPS-A capabilities building on previous efforts.


Capabilities Released Over Time

IPPS-A launched incrementally in phases, or “releases.” Each release built upon the system’s previous release, starting with IPPS-A’s first release. The first release interfaced with 15 personnel systems and built the foundational database of trusted personnel data for all future releases. In addition, this release provided each Soldier access to the Soldier Record Brief, an eventual replacement for the Officer and Enlisted Record Briefs, DA Form 2-1, and nine multi-Component reports for HR Professionals.

Release 2 subsumed SIDPERS-ARNG and ETRANS and interfaces with 14 other systems. Release 2 was live in all states and territories in March 2020. Release 3, fielded to more than 1.1 million Soldiers in January 2023, provides the capabilities currently supported by the major field systems for all three components and subsumes approximately 34 HR and Pay Systems.

Moving forward, Future Capabilities incorporated into IPPS-A will introduce Global Payroll and IPPS-A will become the Authoritative Data Source for payroll for the entire Army. Additional releases will also provide the remaining essential personnel services not previously supported. This approach ensures IPPS-A meets the needs of all its users.

IPPS-A will interface with current HR and Pay systems and in certain cases, subsume their functions. IPPS-A will ultimately subsume approximately 45 HR and Pay systems currently in use. Before any system’s functions are subsumed, the Army will conduct an analysis to ensure that each subsumed system’s functions can be accomplished with IPPS-A or other systems.


As of March 2023, subject to change.